Screams echo through corridors. A forest rings with the sound of gunfire. Terrified children are led across a playground.

At Claire’s choir rehearsal, one of the singers is missing.

David Greig’s urgent new play asks how far forgiveness will stretch in the face of atrocity. Featuring local choirs and a soaring soundtrack, The Events tells of tragedy, obsession and our destructive desire to fathom the unfathomable.

Greig’s recent plays include Midsummer, Dunsinane, The Monster in the Hall and The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart. He has written the book for the new musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opening in June 2013.

Actors Touring Company, led by Ramin Gray, presents the best of international contemporary theatre. Recent shows include Wild Swans (co-production with the Young Vic), The Golden Dragon, Crave and Illusions.


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