Michael Hastings’ The Cutting Of The Cloth is set in the workroom of a Savile Row tailors in 1953 and tells the story of two master craftsmen working at odds against one another: Polish-born Spijak insists that nothing can beat the excellence of a hand-sewn suit, while Eric uses his machine to work at twice the speed and earn twice the money.

Sparks fly as each fights his own corner with biting wit and vicious humour. Into this battleground steps Maurice, a teenager at the very start of his apprenticeship. Will he survive the gruelling training to become a master tailor? Or will he, as Spijak’s daughter urges him to, escape?

Playwright Hastings was one of the Royal Court Theatre’s ‘Angry Young Men’ whose theatre, TV and film credits included hits Tom And Viv, Gloo Joo, For The West and Calico. The Cutting Of The Cloth, drawn from his youthful experience as an apprentice tailor, has lain in a drawer. In this new production, acclaimed theatre company Two’s Company brings it rampaging on to the stage.

Find out more in the video above of the company learning some of the tricks of the tailor trade.

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