A tense, taut psychological thriller, John Fowles’ classic novel The Collector is adapted by Mark Healy to chill and enthral audiences at The Vaults, telling of a lonely collector and his coveting of a beautiful student.

Centring around a reclusive butterfly collector, Frederick Clegg, events take a sinister turn when Frederick suddenly gains a large windfall of money by chance, purchasing a deserted country house

There, he falls in love with beautiful art student Miranda Grey, and knows – or knows he’ll ensure – that she loves him too, preparing the house for her arrival.

Directed by Joe Hufton and starring Daniel Portman (Game Of Thrones) and Lily Loveless (Skins), The Collector is a dark, compelling and twisting tale. Will Miranda become a permanent addition to Frederick’s collection, or will she be able to convince him to let her fly free?

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