Set in London, the night before the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, The Buskers Opera sees a group of street performers gather to protest the event’s heavily corporate presence, offering a hilarious new musical of reckless abandon of political correctness.

Aiming to redefine a golden age through some top class tunes, the group, the ’99percenters’, argues against the over-priced and heavily commercialised nature of the games in the watchful eye of the ever-influential media.

Taking aim at the historical games, they attack powerful and influential figures aplenty through the razor sharp wit of satirist and ladies’ man Macheath – including the Mayor of London himself.

Amplified by the media, capital punishment has found a new method of delivery.

A raucous new musical from the pen of one of the hottest writers emerging in UK theatre, Dougal Irvine, whose catalogue of work includes Departure Lounge, The Snow Queen, Teddy, The Other School, In Touch and Britain’s Got Bhangra.

The Buskers Opera stars Olivier Award winner George Maguire (Sunny Afternoon) and Bend It Like Beckham and Over The Rainbow star Lauren Samuels.

Suitable for ages 15+.

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