Two plays. Two views of the world. One terrifying subject: the blindness of humankind to the mysteries of our existence.

The Blind places us amongst a group of blind people in a wasteland, abandoned by their guide, searching for any clues to their whereabouts. Lost, lonely and scared, they are prepared to put their faith in anyone – or anything – that may help them, even if they cannot see the consequences of their actions.

The Intruder follows a household in crisis. As the Mother lies ill after childbirth and the family sit waiting for any news, the blind Grandfather hears a presence amongst them that none of the family can see. As the presence becomes more noticeable, are there greater forces at work than merely an old man’s imagination?

Maurice Maeterlinck’s 1911 Nobel laureateship cited The Blind and The Intruder as two of his seminal works. A proponent of the Symbolist movement, with an unprecedented awareness of the human condition enveloped in a black sense of humour, Maeterlinck’s simple but effective style of writing is rarely performed in the UK.

Brought to you by Tarquin Productions, (The Monk – “a perfect mix of piety and morbidity”, Barons Court, October 2012) The Blind and The Intruder sees the return of creative duo Benji Sperring (director) and Jacob Hughes (designer) in their darkest, and most exciting, collaboration so far.


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