London preview of a film noir thriller with added beartastic facts and revenge songs.

Angela is a solicitor’s clerk. She works with the defence team during criminal trials. The job brings her face to face with people accused of GBH, rape and murder.

In the cells under the Old Bailey, Angela meets her client who is on trial for murder. “I didn’t do it.” He says. “The Bear did it.” He’s obviously lying. Or mad. This is London after all. But when she examines all the evidence, reads all the files, there it is again. The Bear. Someone else saw it. Without quite knowing why, Angela finds herself hunting the Bear. Until she discovers the Bear is hunting her.

A taut, tense and funny show about an everyday murder and a mythic bear.

An Angela Clerkin and Improbable co-production. Created in association with Ovalhouse. Supported by Jacksons Lane.


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