The Acid Test is the brand new play from Anya Reiss, whose award-winning debut play Spur Of The Moment picked up a raft of awards.

A comedy which asks if age equals maturity, The Acid Test centres on a trio of girls, Dana, Ruth and Jess, who are downing shots to console the heart-broken, comfort the anxious and pass the time. Jess’s dad, kicked out from the family home, invades the party with just as much recklessness as the girls. As the night passes and vodka bottles are emptied, Friday night in becomes high drama.

Reiss, who wrote her debut play when she was just 17, was named Most Promising Playwright at both the Critics’ Circle Awards and the Evening Standard Theatre Awards. She is a graduate of the Royal Court’s Young Writers Programme.

The Acid Test is directed by Simon Godwin, who returns to the Royal Court following Wanderlust.

For more about The Acid Test at the Royal Court read the First Night Feature.

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