Christopher Haydon’s inaugural season at the Gate opens with the world premiere of Greyscale Theatre’s Tenet.

Tenet brings together two of Europe’s most notorious radicals – the 19th Century mathematician Evariste Galois and the 21st Century’s very own Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange – in a witty surprising show about thinking outside the box, radical politics, maths, tea and biscuits.

Meet Evariste: he’s a brilliant mathematician and a very angry young man. Meet Julian: he makes people very cross, he’s here to help. If Evariste can keep it together and Julian can keep out of the way then the two of them might be able to explain everything from polynomial equations (easy) to how to change the world (a bit harder) before someone dies at dawn.   

Greyscale was formed by a group of established directors, writers, actors and designers in 2009 and have since gone on to tour six acclaimed productions. Their aim is to make carefully structured, powerfully live, interactive and anarchic theatre for a modern audience bored of being bored.

Development and commission supported by the Almeida Theatre.


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