Tangere Arts, the team behind Hood in the Wood bring us their exciting new storytelling adventure, based on Hansel and Gretel, to the Unicorn.

Two hungry children are left abandoned in the woods. Hansel is not as brave as he boasts, Gretel is bolder than she thought and their parents are not as loving as they ought! With a beautiful witch who feasts off human flesh, a delicious house made of gingerbread and a wise old duck that sees all.

Brilliantly performed by a skilful storytelling duo – Gary will have you shrieking in delighted terror as he transforms into different guises and Lewis uses his collection of curious and unique instruments to create a live atmospheric soundscape.

The plays are followed by an interactive workshop, so stay behind and join in!

Special Offer: See Hood In The Wood and A Tasty Tale for £15 adults, £10 children

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