In Nur Du (Only You), which was created in 1996 in cooperation with various institutes in the USA, Pina Bausch once again broaches the issues around what happens when we actually encounter each other.

Pina Bausch looked to the American West to create Nur Du (Only You), one of her most ambitious and richly imaginative works.The production features Peter Pabst’s set, filled with gigantic tree trunks that evoke the redwood forests of California. As with many of her works the structure is episodic, a theatrical collage of fragmentary scenes with movement and speech accompanied by pop recordings from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Bausch muses over the Californian obsession with perfect bodies and the dancers are constantly scrutinising their own bodies – being either pleased or appalled by what they see.

Premiere 11 May 1996 and performed at the Barbican Theatre as part of London 2012 Festival.

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