Sus is set on election night 1979, when two detectives on the graveyard shift in an East London police station place bets on which party will win. A black man is picked up. He is incensed, believing that he will be fodder for an incoming government keen to flex its law-and-order muscles.

Sus is a powerful and politicised cry against the still-current threat of institutional racism. Playwright Barrie Keeffe pulls no punches with his depiction of a corrupt world which looks all too familiar today.

Set on the eve of the Thatcher victory, this revival of Sus coincides with the upcoming general election of 2010.

In addition to its run at the Young Vic, Sus tours to Lincoln, Leicester, Barking, Bracknell, Birmingham, Ipswich and Manchester.

Sus is recommended for theatregoers aged 14 and older.

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