Closing 22/04/2006

It is a time somewhere in the future and Albert Steptoe is dead. This is no accident; he was killed by his son Harold in a fit of pique. Harold escaped to South America to avoid being banged up, and the Steptoe house is now in the caring hands of the National Trust as it is the last example of a typical totters yard. Harold can’t resist popping back to have one last look at the scene of the crime, but is shocked to find the ghost of his father haunting the place, waiting for his return.

This first stage outing for the Steptoes sees father and son at each others’ throats once again, giving the full account of their relationship from cradle to grave.

Steptoe And Son in Murder At Oil Drum Lane is written by the television show’s original creator Ray Galton, and fellow comedy writer John Antrobus.

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