Something Fishy tells the story of Daisy and Petunia, who, following a brutal storm are washed-up and stranded in Beever, a seemingly friendly fishing town. Stumbling upon a plethora of its inhabitants, each more grotesque than the last, our hapless heroines encounter a world literally flipped upside down. Love, eavesdropping, and sinister goings-on make the mysterious Beever all the more peculiar. As the twisted tale twists and turns they stumble upon the terrible truth of this twisted town…and find the answer to the nagging question… why are there no fish in Beever?

Something Fishy is devised and written by artists Liz Hague and Kate Mooney in their first project together as Moonhag. Liz and Kate have collaborated on projects with Rough Cut Theatre and Pants on Fire, performing at the People Show Studios and Oxford House, Bethnal Green. In 2005 they performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the Smirnoff Underbelly, with Splice and Stitched.

Suitable for ages 12 and up.

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