Three scientists sit aboard a space station orbiting planet Solaris. They have made contact with a new planet.

Psychologist Kris Kelvin has been sent to investigate the reports of strange activity on board. When she arrives, one crew member is dead and the two remaining scientists cannot explain the things that they are seeing.

When Kris’s dead lover appears to her, she realises that she too is under the power of this strange planet. But will she pull herself back into reality or is this her chance to stay in the comfort of the past.

Are these addictive apparitions real or is the planet conjuring them to communicate with the crew?

This new sci-fi psychological thriller asks what we become when we confront our deepest fears. Starring sci-fi legend Hugo Weaving via video diaries as the dead scientist Dr Gibarian, it’s sure to thrill sci-fi and drama fans alike.

The result of David Greig’s adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s cult science fiction novel for the stage, this international co-production is coming to the Lyric from The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh and Melbourne, Australia.

David Greig is the Artistic Director at the Lyceum Theatre, and his recent adaptations include critically acclaimed Touching the Void and Local Hero.

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