Four decades of Soho’s history are explored in Soho Streets, a production that takes performance out of the theatre and into the streets.

Soho Streets is a production celebrating Soho’s diversity, drawing upon the experiences of the community over forty years and several generations. The show sees the audience divided into four groups, each crossing streets and timelines as they are drawn into intimate family scenes, local protests and moments of national significance.

Writer Theresa Shiban and director Suzanne Gorman spent three months working with and interviewing members of Soho’s local community to inspire Soho Streets’s script and capture the spirit of one of London’s most fascinating and vibrant districts. The production includes glimpses of the personal testimonies that they gathered during their research and some of the landmark events that make up the colourful history of Soho over the last four decades.

Soho Streets is presented to celebrate the 40th birthday of Soho theatre.   

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