In this cartoon-strip comedy philosophy and politics meet show-stopping song and dance! A new play by award-winning playwright William Lyons, inspired by Aristophanes. Strepsiades lives in Greece. He has debt. A lot of debt. His son, Phiddy, you see, likes betting and doesn’t like working. Streps has an idea: Phiddy can go to Socrates’ Academy and learn how to talk himself out of trouble! It’s not long before everything goes wrong…and a trio of street buskers awaits at every corner mocking away in song and dance! A funny, naughty, vital exploration of the ways in which education and morality define a society in crisis.

‘Forget the hemlock. Socrates is alive and well and coming to a cloud near you…Five Stars and Cloud Nine!’Gyles Brandreth
The play is brought to the stage by a team of young, emerging Greek-Cypriot and Greek theatre makers in collaboration with other international artists, all presently working in London. At a time when Greece and Cyprus are coming under unrelenting attack on all fronts, this production not only serves as a reminder of the rich ancient heritage of the Hellenistic world and its continuing legacy to western civilization, but also enacts an active dialogue between contemporary European and Greek cultures, transcending national boundaries.


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