Tennessee Williams creates his most intimate self-portrait through Quentin, the washed-up screenwriter, one of nine cast-offs who gather at Monk’s seedy bar one foggy night in 1972, Southern California.

Watched over by bar tender Monk is a doctor who has been barred from the profession because of his drinking; Leona, a trailer park beautician; Bill, an aging stud; Violet, distraught and needy; Tony, the cop; and Bobby, the young farm boy Quentin picked up on the side of the road.

The doctor is drunk, Violet’s hysterical, Leona is leaving and the coast guard have put out a small craft warning. But will they be able to save the unborn baby?

A play about searching for the solace of companionship in all the wrong places and finding the truth behind foulmouthed faces.

Double-Pulitzer winning Williams’ last great play is a testament to the American writers enduring spirit. For this unique production, Arcola is reuniting the legendary 1970s Cottesloe Company.

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