Closing 27/09/2020
Running Time 2h15, inc. interval

Please note: Tickets are only available in ‘bubbles’ (small groupings of seats) and each group is distanced from the other groups in line with government guidance. For example, if you are booking two tickets, please book these seats in a bubble which has two-seats only. If you book just part of a bubble (for example, you book two seats in a bubble of four seats), please be aware that the venue will move your seats to ensure the most efficient and safest way for people to be seated. 

Based on the original screenplay featuring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, the exclusive world premiere of Sleepless is coming to the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre.

Promising to fulfil all your hopeless romantic dreams, the show is led by ex-Wanted singer Jay McGuiness as Sam and ex Girls Aloud member and Strictly Come Dancing star Kimberley Walsh as Annie.

They will be joined by other cast members including Soo Drouet as Becky, Gay Soper as Eleanor, Alex Fobbester as Rob, Dylan Turner as Walter, Vicki Davids as Suzy, Michael Carolan as Gregg, and Jobe Hart as Jonah, with Charlie Bull, Charlotte Gale, Matt Holland, Joanna Rennie, Tyler Smith and Annette Yeo.

Follow the story of a charming eight-year-old boy named Jonah who phones a Seattle radio show before convincing his dad, Sam, to talk live on air about the heart-breaking loss of his mother. After the broadcast, Sam becomes the most desirable single man in the country. Listening to the show nearly 3,000 miles away is Baltimore-based journalist Annie.

Feeling well and truly captured by Sam’s story, she reaches out to him to find out more… but will this become more than just a great news story? And is there really someone out there for everyone? You will have to make a dash to the top of the Empire State Building to find out how this charming love story ends.

Sleepless will be directed by Morgan Young (White Christmas, Big The Musical) and will be brought to life with a live orchestra and a sparkly jazz-inspired score with music and lyrics by two new British writers, Robert Scott and Brendan Cull. If you’re a sucker for romance, this one is definitely for you!


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