Kurt Vonnegut’s 1959 comedy Sirens Of Titan is produced by London Bubble in a promenade performance that takes audiences on a time travelling journey through space.

Sirens From Titan takes you on a journey from Earth (observed during that turbulent period between the Second World War and the third great banking collapse) via Mars, to the caves of Mercury, then on to the final destination, the graceful plains of Titan.

Vonnegut wrote his space-comedy before the space race and the creation of synthetic life, lovingly poking fun at our continual search for the meaning of life.

At the Rumfoord mansion, you will witness the materialisation (and de-materialisation) of Winston Niles Rumfoord and his dog Kazak. You will receive space rations, including oxygen supplied, and get the chance to stroke the Harmoniums of Mercury.

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