Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is one of Europe's most successful and inventive choreographers. His productions are like voluminous story books, full of quirky, wickedly observed characters, recognisable from real-life scenarios.

After his hit collaboration with Akram Khan, zero degrees, Sidi Larbi now presents a work for a large ensemble of twenty one performers and musicians. Known for blurring the division between dance and other forms of performance, and for mixing genres in interesting ways, here Sidi Larbi takes inspiration from both Japanese Manga and ancient Italian music.

The characters in Myth play out a series of scenarios in an intricate set reminiscent of a heavenly waiting room. They emerge from nooks and crannies, to explore issues such as alienation, faith and the darker side of their alter egos – leaving the audience to wonder what fate lies in store for each of them.

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