Mid life crisis. Check. Koran jokes. Check. Husband. Check mate.

In Islamohomophobia, Scott Capurro inches closer to self lynching with his tirade against bigotry, fag bashing and Cardiff.

‘Capurro’s mission is to make everyone nervous, regardless of their faith or colour. It goes without saying that you should avoid this show if you are easily offended. But he is addressing important issues in his own reckless and courageous way.’ ★★★★ Times, Clive Davis

‘The provocative Scott Capurro is comedy’s answer to The Innocence Of Muslims. He likes the frisson he creates, he says, as he purses out bitterly unpleasant things about Mohammed, the Chinese, women, his own family and just about every group you can imagine. There’s certainly nervous laughter at this, mixed with the gasps and the occasional guilty guffaws. It’s naughty and by no means nice, and far from easy listening, yet if such uncompromising defiance in the face of an audience that don’t quite know what to make of him isn’t in the spirit of alternative comedy, I don’t know what is.’ Chortle


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