Ingmar Bergman’s Saraband receives a stage adaptation at the Jermyn Street theatre.

Marianne hasn’t seen her ex-husband Johan in 30 years. Johan’s son Henrik owes him money that he will never be able to pay back. Henrik’s daughter Karin is a talented cellist – more talented than he ever was – who looks more like her late mother with every passing day. By turns funny and moving, Bergman’s Saraband expertly weaves love and conflict, the tragedy of growing old and the need to let go.

The story is underscored by Bach’s suites for cello, from which the play draws its title. Saraband is a distinctive style of dance in triple time. 

Saraband was the last of Bergman’s films to be adapted for the stage, following Smiles Of A Summer Night, adapted by Sondheim into the musical A Little Night Music, and Scenes From A Marriage. 


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