Sally loves flowers but her mother must grow vegetables to feed the family. On her way to market she is beguiled by the brightly coloured flowers and sells their last cabbage for a handful of seeds.

With the hope of brightening up the garden Sally plants one small seed of her own in the corner of the vegetable patch unaware that magic is afoot. A mysterious sunflower grows, taller than the house, taller than the trees and even taller than the clouds. Join Sally as she journeys into a strange land and encounters giants, giantesses and magic of all sorts. Will she manage to outwit the giants and recover her father’s treasure, stolen many moons before?

This enchanting and inventive re-telling of Jack And The Beanstalk uses puppetry, colourful projections and storytelling.

Sally And The Sunflower is suitable for children aged four to seven.

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