The harrowing historical drama Rosenbaum’s Rescue unveils the truth behind how over 7,000 Danish Jews evaded the Nazi peril in WWII.

Exploring the remarkable true story through the tales of two childhood friends, Rosenbaum’s Rescue transports audiences back to October 1943, when thousands of refugees fled Denmark in fishermen’s boats, crossing the water to Sweden and safety from the Nazi invasion.

The play centres on Lars and Abraham, Hanukkah, 2001. At a remote home on the snowy Danish coast, the two old friends converge to finally bury the hatchet. But old tensions once again simmer as Lars’ relentless pursuit of the truth challenges Abraham’s faith, patience and memories.

What is fact and what is fiction? And what old secret could threaten the very foundation of their friendship? Rosenbaum’s Rescue sheds light on how thousands of Jews slipped through the clutches of the most powerful war machine ever assembled.

David Bamber, who won the 1995 Olivier Award for Best Actor in My Night With Reg, leads the cast as Abraham, starring opposite Neil McCaul (The Other Place, Park Theatre) as Lars. The cast also includes Dorothea Myer-Bennett (Holy Sh**, Kiln Theatre) and Julia Swift (Philadelphia Here I Come, Donmar). The show is directed by Kate Fahy and is written by A. Bodin Saphir.

A profound truth of a thousand greys, Rosenbaum’s Rescue is inspired by Saphir’s grandparents’ story of escape, and promises to make a gripping world premiere at the Park Theatre.

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