Party planning can be murder.

At 6.45pm precisely Ronald Kentley was done to death by Wyndham Brandon and Charles Granillo. How better to toast their triumph than to host a dinner party for the dead boy’s family and friends? But with a silent phone-call, a tell-tale ticket stub and a gathering storm, will the boys hold their nerve? Or will the contents of the padlocked chest be uncovered?

Presented by The Jack Studio’s new Associate Company, OutFox Productions (Spring Awakening, Carbon Dating), Patrick Hamilton’s Rope has been thrilling audiences since 1929. The draw of the coolly intellectual anti-heroes is undeniable, provoking Alfred Hitchcock to provide us with his own version.

Prepare yourselves for a macabre tale of death and salmon sandwiches.

Make sure you catch… the complete story of the perfect crime.


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