Ronnie Le Drew will entertain and inform in his auto-biographical review of a life with puppets. With film clips, stories and some puppet characters this hour of conversation with time for Q&A will discover the man behind Zippy…

Ronnie Le Drew has been a puppeteer all his working life, and got his first job at Little Angel Theatre under John Wright. Over the past thirty five years he has performed in many of the Little Angel’s productions and now he enjoys teaching his craft to a new generation of puppeteers.

Ronnie’s TV puppet operating credits include an appearance with Muffin the Mule, operating Sooty and Sweep and assisting with Rolland Rat’s family plus many more. He is perhaps best known as Zippy, one of the main characters on Thames TV’s Rainbow, and still voices him today. His film credits include Muppet Treasure Island, Muppet Christmas Carol, Labyrinth and The Little Shop of Horrors.


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