Horrified that her niece, the rich and beautiful Lydia Languish, is in love and wants to marry the penniless Ensign Beverley, Mrs Malaprop demands that Lydia marry the eligible and dashing Captain Absolute. Little do they both know that they are one and the same man. Teeming with mistaken identities, conniving servants, amorous confusion and laughter, Sheridan’s classic features some of the most memorable comic characters ever written.

Starring one of Britain’s favourite actresses Stephanie Cole (Tenko, Doc Martin, Waiting For God) as the infamous Mrs Malaprop, renowned for her hilarious verbal eccentricity, and George Baker, well-known for the enormously popular TV role of Inspector Wexford, as the man with a parental short fuse and a wit to match. This delightful period romp is a vivacious carefree comedy of confusion and commitment.

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