Closing 13/11/2010
Running Time 1h10

Red Bud is a new American drama about the creeping spread of middle age from Chicago-based writer Brett Neveu.

‘Red Buuuud!’ rings out across the camp as five friends gather in ritual homage at the annual Motorcross championship. Greg used to ride with speed and style, but this year he brings his pregnant wife instead of his bike. Times have changed. As they relive past glories, the haze of beer and smoke can’t disguise their fading friendship.

Red Bud playwright Neveu previously had his play Eric LaRue presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company as part of their New WOrk Festival in 2005.

Red Bud is suitable for theatregoers aged 14 and older.

For more about Red Bud at the Royal Court read the First Night Feature.

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