Have you seen the cloven hoof prints on the cellar steps? Have you heard the fiddle player cursing? Can you smell the scent of burning secrets?

Shot through with diabolical horror, absurd confessions and humour fit for the unholy ghost – master of all things odd, Tim Ralphs, shines a spotlight on Rebranding Beelzebub, also known as Him Downstairs, Old Nick, and the Devil himself, to see if he might just be ready!

In this wild reimagining of folktale, fairytale and urban legend, Tim exhumes the bones of ancient Devil stories and stitches them into new skins for fresh consumption.

Tim Ralphs is one of the most exciting young talents on the British storytelling scene. Teller in residence of the Word Smack Cabaret and host of Sheffield’s The Story Forge, Tim’s performance style is energetic and his composition knows no bounds.

Recommended for ages 14+.

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