Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic psychological thriller Psycho is screened in high-definition at the Dominion Theatre accompanied on stage by a live 40-piece orchestra.

Celebrated as one of Hitchcock’s finest cinematic works, Psycho is consistently hailed as a groundbreaking film that set the template for a whole new genre of hugely successful psychological thrillers.

It tells the story of Marion Crane, a young office worker in Phoenix who, frustrated by her work and personal life, steals $40,000 from her employer’s client and decides to run away. Exhausted, she ends up checking in to a remote motel that is managed by an unusual shy young man called Norman Bates. A week later, back in Phoenix, her sister arrives to report that Marion has disappeared and an investigation begins, culminating at the Bates Motel.

Bernard Herrmann’s soundtrack is performed live by the Cinematic Sinfonia and conducted by Anthony Gabriele.

Please note, Psycho is certified as a 15. Individuals under 15 will not be admitted.

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