Set in the glamorous world of theatre, Noel Coward’s Present Laughter is a witty portrait of the life that whirled around the playwright in his heyday.

In this new production of Present Laughter Robert Bathurst plays the successful and self-obsessed actor Garry Essendine. Flamboyant, vain and devastatingly handsome, Essendine is about to set off on tour when he is visited by a succession of ex-wives, lawyers, playwrights and one-night stands. The stage is set for a battle of glittering egos.

Bathurst is well known for his television work which includes Cold Feet and My Dad’s The Prime Minister. He has stage credits including Alex and Whipping It Up. Belinda Lang, known for TV sitcom 2Point4Children as well as numerous appearances on stage, co-stars and also directs.

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