Pim and Theo are dead; they were both murdered. They meet, they talk, they remember, they bleed, they argue, they complain, they stage a TV debate show, they fight, they forget, they can’t get out and they can’t go home…

This remarkable production blends sound, powerful imagery and live action to tell the story of Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn – two victims of extremism with opposing political views.

Award-winning theatre company NIE (Tales From The River Thames) returns to the Unicorn with this immersive promenade show, where the audience come face to face with two of the most controversial figures in European politics. Pim & Theo explores culture and identity, the rules of life and death and the limits of tolerance in our society.

Watch the trailer to find out more about the show. Pim & Theo is suitable for ages 13+

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