1930s Broadway classic Once In A Lifetime is brought to the Young Vic this Christmas, telling the farcical story of three New York vaudevillians who, upon the advent of talking motion pictures in Hollywood, journey West to capitalise by opening an elocution school.

When the first-ever talking movie opens to smash-hit success, every actor suddenly needs a voice. Espying an opportunity, the trio present themselves as experts in the field of elocution, the perfect candidates to prepare starlets for the silver screen.

But in a city powered by all-powerful studio moguls, neurotic screenwriters and clueless hopefuls, can the three friends retain the life of glitz, glamour and success they attain, or will their desire for fame peter out as the responsibilities amass?

Directed by the Olivier Award-winning Young Vic favourite Richard Jones, the show runs across the festive season to tickle ribs and warm hearts in classic Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman satire-loaded style.

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