Closing 06/04/2008

A hundred years ago in Japan, the young artist Kenji Miyazawa is torn between his father’s demands to carry on the family business and his own desire to be a writer.

Urged on by the ghost of his sister, Kenji draws deeply on his love of nature and the universe to write his first story; The Twin Stars.  This galactic adventure is about two stas who, while playing in the Milky Way, become embroiled in a cosmic battle between two constellations – the Scorpion and the Crow.  While Kenji tries to solve the conflict with his father, the Twin Stars must repair the damage caused to the universe and save it from destruction.  Soon both worlds collide on stage.

Kenji Miyazawa is one of Japan’s foremost children’s writers, enjoying similar status to Roald Dahl or Lewis Carroll here.  This world premiere production is a perfect introduction to Kenji and the rich culture of his homeland.

For ages 7+

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