Closing 28/03/2010
Running Time 2h40

Nation, adapted from the novel by Terry Pratchett, is set in a parallel world in 1860. Two teenagers are thrown together by a tsunami that has destroyed Mau’s village and left Daphne shipwrecked on his South Pacific island, thousands of miles from home. One wears next to nothing, the other a long white dress; neither speaks the other’s language. Somehow they must learn to survive.

As starving refugees gather, Daphne delivers a baby, milks a pig, brews beer and does battle with a mutineer. Mau fights cannibal Raiders, discovers the world is round and questions the reality of his tribe’s fiercely patriarchal gods. Together they come of age, overseen by a foul-mouthed parrot, as they discard old doctrine to forge a new nation.

Nation is the latest novel by Pratchett, the best-selling author known for his hugely popular Discworld series of 36 novels.

Mark Ravenhill, who has adapted Nation for the stage, has written several plays for the National Theatre’s New Connections programme for teenagers: Citizenship, Scenes From Family Life and Totally Over You. His other plays include The Cut, Mother Clap’s Molly House and Shoot / Get Treasure / Repeat.

Melly Still, director of Nation, previously directed another Christmas hit at the National, Coram Boy.  

Nation is suitable for aged 10+

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