Mydidae is an authentic and intimate exploration of a relationship between two people staged in a fully plumbed bathroom. Thorne’s writing explores the truth and tension of modern-day realities thorough an exemplary naturalistic drama. Powerful, funny and transfixing, Mydidae sparkles at every turn in its bitter-sweet study of humanity.

The work opens at a poignant milestone in a young couple’s life, the first anniversary of a shared personal tragedy; David and Marian’s different perspectives of the event and their conflicting views test their relationship and force brutal realities into the forefront of their consciousness. The clinical intimacy of the bathroom offers an exposing, inescapable and undeniably human terrain, looking at how emotions make us act and react.

Studying the complexities of human relationships, Mydidae explores how loss and pain can mutate into blame and guilt and how, sometimes, those closest to us can provoke the most painful feelings of all. Some subjects are inescapable though and while we hide from past fears Mydidae shows that they catch up with us and reveal personal complexities within our characters that we never realised existed.


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