Combining spoken word, live art, character comedy and stand up, My Stories, Your Emails is about looking at oneself under a microscope and being judged from afar.

Ursula Martinez has written some true stories. Some strangers have sent her unbelievable emails. In her new show she invites you to meet the ordinary and extraordinary characters in her life and her inbox.

My Stories, Your Emails is a comical and uncompromising investigation into identity, relationships, confession, obsession, miscommunication, the internet, fame, sex, loneliness and political incorrectness.

Martinez is a writer, performer and cabaret star who is one of the creators of Laurence Olivier Award-winning show C’est Barbican and one of the original cast members of another, the cult hit variety show La Clique. She returns to the Barbican with he first truly solo show, My Stories, Your Emails.

My Stories, Your Emails is recommended for theatregoers aged 16 and older.

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