My Mother Told Me Not To Stare is a deliciously dark operetta for curious children and their parents.

Have you ever done things your parents told you not to do? Have you swallowed the pips of an apple and waited for a tree to grow in your belly? Have you made a face when the wind changed? Or turned your back on the sea?

In Bobby Rogers’s town, everyone lives very normal lives. But Bobby has noticed that a child who was there one minute is gone the next. So he digs a hole through the earth, all the way to kangaroos and upsidedownness. And he may have stayed there forever, but vanishing kids does not seem fair, and there is nothing so fun as a grudge to bear, so one day Bobby Rogers returns to Upper Crumble to settle the score…

Told in an operatic, gothic style, My Mother Told Me Not To Stare is about the disappeared, those kids who did something naughty and got sent to The Fixing Kitchen, a place from which they never returned.

The only boy who can stop it is the naughtiest one of all.

Suitable for aged 8+

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