This ten day festival unites some of the most talented performers, musicians, composers, writers and directors from the world of musical theatre. Alongside a host of performances of new and experimental works, musical voices will also feature the Ten Minute Musical Challenge. Over 2 weeks, 6 groups made up of composer, lyricist and book writer will be given one day each to select a piece from that day’s newspaper and use the story to write a short musical. Each day’s musical will be staged prior to that evening’s main performance, while all six brand new musicals will be staged on Sat 19 Feb.

The full schedule for Musical Voices is as follows:


Moby Dick
(Wed 9 & Thu 10 Feb at 20:00)
A stunning new musical version of Melville’s nautical adventure, from acclaimed Broadway and West End composer Richard Peaslee. (Directed by Fiona Laird)

Bold as Brass
(Fri 11 at 20:00)
A unique Australian talent, Judy Glen has achieved national and international success as comedienne, actress, musical theatre artist and concert and operatic soprano. Bold As Brass is a joyous blend of virtuoso sound and stand up comedy – brought together against all the odds!

2nd London Cabaret Convention
(Sun 13 at 19:30)
The Convention returns for a glamorous 2nd year, with guest hosts Kit and the Widow and acts including Jane Bom-Bane, Harry, Barb Jungr, Dillie Keane, Eva Meier and Caroline Nin.


Four Poofs And A Piano in Never Mind The Botox
(Mon 14 at 20:00)

Join the 4 Poofs on a magical mystery tour, paying tribute to Kate Bush, Diana Ross, Abba and 1990s boy bands to name but a few, climaxing in the present day with their highly acclaimed original material.

Wed 16 at 20:00

Meet the three Marilyns: the naive Norma Jeane, the cynical Zelda and the iconic Monroe. Alone in the dark, somewhere between life and death, they laugh, cry and fight, reliving the most famous life and death in the world of the silver screen. (Book, lyrics and music by Michael Dresser, directed by Struan Leslie.)

Other Women
Thu 17 at 20:00

Five performers present 2 hours of music from Conor Mitchell, winner of the 2004 Arts Foundation  Fellowship. The songs are taken from the new musicals Have A Nice Life, Goblin Market, Todd! Who’s Harry? and the new shows in development Over The Edge and The Good Friday Trilogy (Music and lyrics by Conor Mitchell, additional lyrics by Kath Burlinson (after Rossetti)

Hits and Heartbreakers
(Sat 19 at 19:00)

Students of Greenwich Musical Theatre Academy join 20 teenagers from South East London to present a selection of musical hits.

Ten Minute Musical Finale
(Sat 19 at 20:30)

See six new shows, each written in a day and based on a story from the news.

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