After the success of last year’s Moving Africa, the short season returns with two more of Africa’s contemporary dance movers and shakers. This year the pieces reflect experiences of both the ‘self’ and community.

La Compagnie Mali presents Ti Chelbe, a personal work portraying a woman struggling with slipping realities. Tormented by a sense of claustrophobia, she is driven towards a madness of isolation. But while she fights, a man comes closer; his life an echo of her every mood. The piece is born out of many influences from modern Mali.

Buddu is presented by Compagnie Ta, a piece with community at its heart. An accelerated development scheme has left many small African communities struggling to hold on to their traditions as the city, with both its excitement and danger draws nearer. The artists of Compagnie Ta respond to this with their piece rooted in tradition, but also tapping into contemporary life.

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