Cillian Murpy is reunited with Enda Walsh for the first time since the hugely successful Disco Pigs, which launched both their careers to stratospheric heights. After receiving critical acclaim in both Galway and New York, Misterman comes to the Lyttleton for its London premiere.

Inishfree might seem like a quaint Irish town, but fierce evangelist Thomas Magill knows better. He knows jovial Dwain Flynn is a miserable drunk, that Timmy O’Leary enslaves his lovely mother and that sweet Mrs Cleary is a blasphemous flirt.

It is down to Thomas, with God on his shoulder, to save this sinful place. But the townsfolk are not listening, an angel is misbehaving and a barking dog will not be silenced. Just how far will Thomas go in his quest for salvation?

Enda Walsh’s one man show sees Cillian Murphy play the entire population of an Irish town in a solo performance that cements his place as one of Ireland’s most electrifying actors.



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