An action-packed treat from the writer of the Unicorn Theatre’s highly successful 2013 Christmas show, Minotaur is a playful and clever retelling of the well-known epic Greek myth.

Packed with bold story-telling, live music and song, the Greek legend is here given a surprising twist, telling the story of a cruel sacrifice made by King Aegeus of Athens: fourteen children, every year, to the infamous half-bull, half-man, trapped within the confines of an enormous labyrinth.

Only the monster’s half-sister, Ariadne, is able to tame the beast, but she too seeks escape from the clutches of her father and his selfish rule. So when the arrival of the enemy’s son heralds an opportunity to free herself and the minotaur, will she make a terrible, life-changing pact?

Minotaur was first performed at the Bristol Old Vic in February 2014, and is recommended for children and families aged 8+.

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