Mincemeat: a narrative that crosses time and territory to find answers to questions of identity and matters of life and death.

Cardboard Citizens takes over a Shoreditch warehouse for this production of Mincemeat, unravelling the truths and the untruths surrounding a World War Two intelligence operation.

Kidnap! In 2009, a group of squatters kidnap a judge and put him on trial for a sixty six year-old crime.

Suicide! In 1909, a young and lice-ridden Adolf Hitler washes up in a homeless shelter in Vienna; thirty four years later he will commit suicide.

Murder? In 1943, the body of a military man is washed up on a Spanish beach, helping prevent the death of thousands. An accidental hero, or a man who never was?

First performed in June 2001, Mincemeat features testimony, speculation and outright lies. Conspiracy theory meets chaos theory, tongue never a million miles from cheek. This is Cardboard Citizens.

Mincemeat is performed at Cordy House, 87-95 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, EC2A 3BS.

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