Mersey Bite sees the Hampstead Theatre’s regular Start Night, which gives new talent a chance to try out new work, given a Liverpudlian flavour.

Presented by the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse, the evening mixes excerpts from four new plays alongside music from some of city’s most exciting songwriting talent.

Plays included:

Fallen by Ella Greenhill
May is looking for something… a connection… a life. Sometimes we all need to escape. But is it safer to be alone? A play about teetering on the edge.

Forgive Them by Jonathan Larkin
Chantel lies comatose in a hospital bed. Her family keeps vigil while people in the community talk in whispers about how she got there. Gossip is spreading, people are starting to talk and as Ste makes his confession he wonders if anyone is listening.

Canaan by Lizzie Nunnery
Jacob has come back from the dead. Canaan has found a confidante but now she is not listening. Manny believes he is an angel and Martha just wants the noise to stop. In a Liverpool street four misfits struggle to live with each other and themselves as their stories and cultures intertwine to test their beliefs, their identity and ultimately their humanity.

Seep by Kellie Smith
Can we ever escape the fears and dreams of our parents? Do they shape our lives or dictate them? Three generations of one family confront their history to find their future.

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