The work of acclaimed American choreographer Meg Stuart is constantly shifting, developing a language and set of rules for every piece. With Until Our Hearts Stop, Stuart drew inspiration from the people who create their own, fantastical, rules as they retreat from real life.

Six performers and three musicians find themselves in a place that is both a nightclub and an arena: a place of desire and illusion experiencing extreme intimacy at each other’s hands in their high-octane refuge.

To the sound of throbbing basses, piano and drums, they connect and explore each other, and draw the audience into their immersive world.

The performers are ‘freaky insiders’, forced to connect in uncomfortable, yet playful ways. Navigating between naivety and despair, they are dreamers who long for reality. In a world in which they fade away and disappear, they feel the urge to seek new forms of appearance.

Until Our Hearts Stop is created and performed by Neil Callaghan, Jared Gradinger, Leyla Postalcioglu, Maria F. Scaroni, Claire Vivianne Sobottke and Kristof Van Boven with live music Samuel Halscheidt, Marc Lohr and Stefan Rusconi.

The American born, Belgian-based choreographer Meg Stuart. Meg received her BFA in dance at New York University in and continued her training at the dance laboratory Movement Research. In 1994 Meg founded her own company, Damaged Goods, and moved to Brussels. Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods has an on-going collaboration with Kaaitheater in Brussels and HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin.

In 2008, Meg Stuart received a Bessie Award for her oeuvre and a Flemish Culture Award in the category of the Performing Arts. The Akademie der Künste awarded Meg the Konrad-Wolf-Preis in 2012. In 2014 Tanz Magazine named her Choreographer of the Year and was later honoured with the Grand Prix de la Danse de Montréal.

Age Guidance: 14+. Contains some nudity.

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