It is the dawn of the day that Valerie and Jennifer are going to avail themselves of the recent legislation granting rights to same sex couples to have civil partnerships. In short, it is the dawn of what Jenny is calling ‘V & J’s wedding day’. Val wakes up alone in her big bed. In a sweat. In a funk. In a complete and utter panic. A wedding day? Her wedding day! No way. The night has been full of fevered dreams of past partners and political protests in the days of her youth. Val has just hit fifty-five. She takes a long look at herself in the mirror. She can’t go through with it. But wait…the vintage car is standing by, the friends invited, including several ex-girlfriends, the suit pressed, the restaurant booked, the soon-to-be civil partner in a designer frock and the partner’s son making an intimate video of the entire event, beginning with her getting into said suit in her bedroom… Is this a mid-life crisis? And if so, what is her equivalent of the sports car and the young blonde girlfriend? Does she have the courage or the cowardice to escape? And most important, does she have the means? And in the end, just where is it she wants to go on her onward voyage? And must she go alone?

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