Kenneth MacMillan’s 20th-century masterpiece Manon is a signature work of the Royal Ballet and of the world ballet repertory.

Manon follows the all-consuming affair of a student, Des Grieux, for the beautiful Manon Lescaut, a story of passion, lechery, violence, devotion and tragedy.

Manon’s fickleness in choosing between true love and a life of money and comfort proves the downfall of her and her lover, taking them both from youthful hope in Paris to death in the swamps of Louisiana.

Along with the bold and stunning choreography, there are the intense characterisations that bring to life this passionate and dramatic work on adult themes. MacMillan’s sense of detail and drama evoke though a wealth of characters the sordid world behind the surface glamour of 18th-century Paris.

The Manon company, along with the lavish costumes and sets, creates a society of sensual indulgence for some and the hard reality of survival for others.

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