Drew Pautz’s tense and provocative new play Love The Sinner considers what we may be willing to sacrifice, personally and in the public sphere, for what we believe to be right.

In Love The Sinner, an international group of church leaders converge in an African hotel to contend the need for Christian doctrine to change with the times. Fierce theological debate demonstrates that what is current thinking on one continent is abhorrent to another.

In a neighbouring room, a brief sexual encounter between local porter Joseph and British conference volunteer Michael leads to a direct and potent challenge both to Michael, as he returns to England to grapple with ethics of his own, and to the liberal claims and professed compassion of the affluent West and its church.

Love The Sinner is Pautz’s first play for the National Theatre. His debut play Somone Else’s Shows premiered at the Soho theatre in 2007.

Love The Sinner is directed by Matthew Dunster, whose recent credits include The Frontline and Troilus And Cressida at Shakespeare’s Globe and The Fahrenheit Twins at the Barbican.

This is the world premiere of Love The Sinner.

For more about Love The Sinner at the National Theater read the First Night Feature.

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