Last performed in the UK in 1996, Le Cirque Invisible uses the traditions of European circus to create a show of magic and make-believe, illusion, comedy and music.

Le Cirque Invisible is performed by Victoria Chaplin – the daughter of entertainer Charlie Chaplin – and Jean Baptiste Thierrée, who have spent four decades in the world of circus. Their first show, Le Cirque Bonjour, was a big top style circus show created for the Avignon Festival in 1971. Since then their work has influenced generations of circus companies, including the famous Cirque De Soleil.

In Le Cirque Invisible, Chaplin’s daring acrobatics and unique style of music contrasts with Thierrée’s clowning and trickery, creating a quirky and unique theatrical show for all the family. The show contains their most popular numbers, A Bicycle Cyclodrama and Two Tenors Knees Aria.

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