The National Theatre present King James Bible: The 12 Extracts.

Taking part in the 400th anniversary celebrations for the King James Bible, the National Theatre will use an ensemble of leading NT actors to read 12 extracts from the book that changed the world. The 12 extracts will take audiences from the creation of the world to John foreseeing the end of days.

King James Bible: The 12 Extracts will be directed by National Theatre Artistic Director Nicholas Hytner, James Dacre (The Mountaintop at the Trafalgar Studios) and Polly Findlay (Derren Brown: Svengali).

Each extract, edited by Edward Kemp, will last approximately 80 minutes without an interval; please check the National Theatre website for details and dates for each extract.

The 12 extracts are entitled In the Beginning, Let My People Go, The Line Of David, Psalms Of David And Song Of Solomon, Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?, The People That Walked In Darkness, The Gospel According To Mark, The Gospel According To Matthew, The Gospel According To Luke, The Tongues Of Men And Angels, The Gospel According To John, and Revelation.

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